Velkommen til alle performere ved årets festival. Her finder du relevante informationer om festivalen.

Welcome to all performers at this year’s festival. Here you will find practical information about the festival.



Festival organizer: Thomas Danielsen + 45 28 12 03 35

Kirkevej 2
3760 Gudhjem

(Find us in the street between the cinema Scala Gudhjem and the church. When you stand in front of the cinema loooking down over Gudhjem, you se 3 different roads, take the middle road)


Festival contact, Hasle: Lene Havtorn + 45 30 12 99 95

Grønbechs Gaard (Bornholm Center for Arts and Crafts)
Grønbechs Gård 4
3790 Hasle


Festival contact, Rønne Library :  Julie + 45 21 76 79 73

Bornholms Folkebiblioteker
Pingels Allé 1
3700 Rønne


Festival Contact Store Torv/Laksetorvet : Erik Munch Hansen + 45 20 41 22 66

Store Torv is the main square in Rønne.

Laksetorvet is the shopping street/ pedestrian zone. Râzapâz is a local wine bar placed there.





Busses on Bornholm (BAT):

About Gudhjem:



Gudhjem Harbour Friday july  17.00 – 18.00

After the meeting there is dinner sponsored by Gudhjem Smokery (fish buffet + veggieburgers)



Gudhjem Harbour  friday july kl.20.00 – 21.00 ca.




Saturday and sunday: 8.00 – 10.00

Undreværket, Kirkvej  2, 3760 Gudhjem

Bread, muesli, glutenfree stuff, fruits, tee, juice, coffee, eggs, confiture, marmelade, vegetarian stuff, cheese,  local sausages

(only for performing artists, unless you have made special agreements)



We arrange a dinner party saturday evening for all the performing artists and the festival´s volunteers.

Saturday 23. th july 19.00

Undreværket, Kirkevej 2, 3870 Gudhjem

Wine/beer during dinner is free. Later we make a bar with reasonable prices

Please bring cash or use MobilePay, we don´t have a card mashine.



Here you can find your place:

Sofie Krog Teater: Co. Håkan Stolfer, Løkkegade 17, 3760 Gudhjem. Contact Håkan +45 61 14 15 91

Dansk Rakkerpak: Gudhjem Camping, Melsted Langgade 45, 3760 Gudhjem. Contact: +45 42 415 815

Katrine Karlsen:  “Hyldemor”, Gudhjemvej 91, 3760 Gudhjem. Contact Rolf +45 25 79 57 54

HURyCAN: Gudhjem Feriepark, Lille Jernkaasvej 1, 3760 Gudhjem  (ca 200 meters from Dagli´Brugsen) + 56 56 95 85 66

M.P.A.C: Gudhjem Feriepark, Lille Jernkaasvej 1, 3760 Gudhjem  (ca 200 meters from Dagli´Brugsen) + 56 56 95 85 66

Glimt: Bobbahus, Røbrovej 24, 3760 Gudhjem Sigga Eythórsdóttir + 45 26 29 09 36

Les Etablissement Lafaille: Hotel Gudhjem, Brøddegade 29, 3760 Gudhjem. Contact + 45 56 48 53 50

Adreànne Thiboutot: Hotel Gudhjem, Brøddegade 29, 3760 Gudhjem. Contact + 45 56 48 53 50

Jens Kløft: Private accomodation



Gudhjem Habour, Provianten and Petanquebanen: Einar Mikkelsensvej, 3760 Gudhjem

Holkadalen: From Holkavej (starts at Restaurant “Brøddan”) and go under the bridge

Nørresan: The old harbour i Gudhjem. If you follow Einar Mikkelsensvej in the driving direction from Gudhjem Harbour you´ll reach Nørresan Harbour

(5 min. walk)

1-2 volunteer helpers will be present at all scenes



You find an ATM at the supermarket Dagli Brugsen on (Jenkaasvej 1, on top of the city close to Gudhjem Museum)

There is also an ATM at the corner next to the cinema Scala Gudhjem in Brøddegade.

OBS: Denmark is not part of the EU’s monetary union. The currency is the Danish krone (dkk /kr.)



Dagli´Brugsen Gudhjem
Jernkaasvej 1
3760 Gudhjem

Spar Gudhjem
Brøddegade 14
3760 Gudhjem

OBS. There is no farmacy in Gudhjem. Nearest farmacy is Allinge (16 km). But you can order medicin in  both the local supermarkets. If you order in the morning, the medicine will be delivered the same day – otherwise the following day.



Gudhjem have several cafees, bars and restaurants as well as a local smokery. We recommend tasting the local dish “Sol over Gudhjem” (Smoked herring with a raw egg yolk) .

Vegetarian food is available at the wine bar Provianten (bio), Bechs Chokolade/Cafe Klint and Cafe Norresan. Pizzaria Venezia also have vegetarian pizza.